Our tasks overlap as in order taking, delivering, serving, packing, in house maintainance, labelling, organic certification work, recycling, the list goes on believe me.

Our website photo's were done by our daughter Sophie, when she was 14. When we moved to this location, both daughters, Sophie and Zara, were involved as we were, 'all hands'.

Computer work is done by Phil, who is himself a strict vegan and also extremely reasonably priced!


Survival is a family run business based on integrity, fairness and ethics. Yes, you've read that on all the websites. Sorry, this is true of here and I'm open to discuss this with whoever, whenever! Remember to challenge the others afterwards for me.

Obviously we don't supply supermarkets, obvious? Well most wholefood wholesalers are happy to, did you know that? We won't even shop in one...ever, no, not for a single item. Those places are a massive problem and when fair trade is claimed, come on, they never trade fairly. Talking of fair trade, there's no point in non organic fair trade food is there? Why? Because when the earth is trashed of all minerals and nutrients or the pesticide corporation put the prices up, no one will have a fair price anymore. It has to be fair trade and organic for a growing future.

So much has been undermined in work, life and wholefoods businesses by this point in time, that it's high time to be clear and open I feel.

We've been going since 1982 and have a large loyal customer base. Most seem very happy with us, you always get the odd plonker!

Enviromental policy, yeah, that's a good'en. Amazing what businesses claim and dream up. Listen, this is a way of life, not a way to become rich or impress people. If you would like to know about what measures we take, just ask me.

To be honest, I have to really think, because what we do here is what we do as a family at home, it's second nature.

So, I think not stating an environmental policy, in this case, has again got some merit.

I won't go on and on, I'll bore you. So there you have it, you make the choice of who to buy from and trade with. If you want to discuss more or need more clarity, ask for me, Mark and perhaps you'll join as a customer!



We have a shop, packing department and warehouse in Weobley, Herefordshire.

We also offer a delivery service, covering areas, North and Mid Wales, Herefordshire, West Midlands, Shropshire and part of Gloucestershire. In fact,we are the West Midlands only wholefood wholesaler! We deliver to trade and public alike. Most of our business comes from individual households, or people who form 'buying groups' and Coops'. Caterers also find the service very useful.

Business hours are:
Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 6pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 1pm
in our Weobley shop.

Hopefully by browsing our website, you will have a good insight into what we do, where we go and what we offer. Our service is a personal service. We don't use carriers or outside contractors to sell our products , we use our own vehicle for deliveries. We sell both Organic, and non organic products, strictly GMO free of course! Organic certification is UK4!

OK, that said, feel free to browse....