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All products shown are in 'case' and 'bulk lots'. What does this mean? Well, a case is for example a product shown as '6x500g, 12x400g or maybe 6x125g'. This doesn't mean you HAVE to buy the whole case, but by doing so, you will save something like 17% as apposed to buying single or multiple single items. A 'bulk lot' is say, '5Kg of rice, 25Kg of muesli or 1Kg of herbs'. Obviously, we can't physically split a'5Kg', so just look for a smaller quantity. Instead of having to buy '25Kg' of muesli, look to see if it occurs in a smaller size, eg muesli certainly does come in smaller sizes than 25Kg!

V.A.T IS SHOWN INCLUDED in our prices, so you know exactly the price. It occurs where a 'V' is showing next to the product price. Worth noting here is that, V.A.T will only be added where a product is supplied to us V.A.T charged. Please look under 'Abbreviations' for the meanings of our other lettering. Our indexes are an ongoing job, so ask if you cannot find a product. Items are fairly constantly being added or maybe some delisted, prices do fluctuate, so do look for you're reference.

Of course, if you prefer to come to our shop in Weobley, then feel free; here we try out new product ranges and do a lot of our trade.

I think that's about it, so see how you get on!