Welcome to Survival Wholefoods Ltd

Dear customers, I am having to chase the same old names for outstanding payments and I'm getting bored of it. If you cannot afford the food or have no intention of paying, then don't order from us. For some reason people have decided it's o.k to pay after a month or two or three weeks or even after two months, this is not the arrangement, no one has asked me for payment terms and some have assumed they will pay when they feel like it, this is not an option, same old excuses every month, very boring.
Please respect Survival wholefoods and all of us here, if you cannot manage that, then please don't order.
Always here to do the best we can and work very hard at what we do.

We can distribute nationwide with a courier if not in our own vehicles. Couriers will be arranged by the customer please.

We also have a large cash'n'carry shop in Weobley open to the public and trade.

Our stock is extensive! We have thousands of wholefood lines and of course have a strict non GM policy.

You can browse our catalogue online here.





Shop opening times:

Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 6pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 1pm


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